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Remington 300 win mag 770

Post By, submoa.
The lugs recess's are cut into the barrel, so rebarreling, if even possible, is a totally different process than with a typical bolt gun loreal hair gift sets in which the lug recess's are in the receiver.One of which broke the welded bolt handle off on a loaded chamber.What happens if it blows a primer?Considering all the serious operational problems and inability to endure common use, I'd say that pretty much sums it up JBelk.Posts: 8,630 My gut tells me "No".You know, the one that all the pre-64 snobs like to tell you is an inaccurate, trouble-prone piece of junk.If you want a good range gun at a good price I cool barware gifts really enjoy the Ruger American series of rifles and I have heard good things about their American rifle.5 Creedmore # 18, 06:57 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Apr 2013 Location: Louisiana._ Still Learnin' as I go!Performance is flexible enough that you can back off on any loads that really rattle your teeth and not give up much, if anything, in the way of accuracy.Ive been shooting and reloading this cartridge for nearly prize amounts for powerball four decades, and I speak from experience.If youre reloading, theres no significant cost increase for the.300WM over any of the other common.308 cartridges.I've started to experience lots of problems with the 22/45 lite.Within a year everything started breaking, bolt shroud broke off (plastic).Since I am just punching paper, neither of those negatives means anything to performance.The Remington 770 is the worst made centerfire rifle ever built, with the possible exception of its predecessor, the 710.Without even sighting it in and just using hand loaded generic 30/30 jacketed projectiles at a cast bullet (CB) velocity, the group was.8 inches.There are some tricks to maximizing accuracy; neck-turning your brass to make the neck thickness uniform is the most important one Ive found, but I can get cloverleaf groups at 100 yards using the Hornady 130 grain spire points or the Sierra 125 grain spire.The same day I tried the same load with 165.It's much lighter on recoil, especially with the heavy target loads, it shoots flatter, and if you ever do decide to hunt the 7mm will do most everything you need.This resulted in the rifle being completely inoperable.Some people tried it, had poor results and blamed the cartridge, usually citing the unusually short case neck as the cause.
A whole lot of what everybody knows about it is nonsense.
Remington Arms has a history of producing lower-cost alternatives to its flagship model 700 including the.